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Vance Palacio

Welcome to my site!

I'm a software engineer with around 10 years of experience, currently working at Tomorrow's Talent. I enjoy tackling engineering problems, especially in languages with strong type-systems such as Rust, Haskell, and Typescript. I've worked on both frontend apps (using purescript-halogen, flutter, React) and backend services (with go gin and rust's rocket). I'm a big proponent of the functional programming style (meaning immutable variables, higher order functions, etc), and all the benefits software gains through them, such as:

  • A huge reduction of runtime bugs
  • Ease of long-term maintainability
  • Code simplicity and readability

I write guides on various topics with the main focus being on productivity. They serve as a helpful way to keep track of things I've learned, the memory is getting pesky these days... I hope anyone who happens upon this site finds them useful!

In addition to programming, I'm also a passionate music composer! I write video game music and film scores. Check out my stuff!

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to send me an email at