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Docusaurus Site Upgrade

ยท One min read

Yep, I've upgraded the site again.

Sadly, my love relationship with Haskell has ended. I really enjoyed learning the language and it definitely taught me a ton about how to write better code, but ultimately (IMO), it's just too hard to get work done efficiently with it. (Perhaps it's because I'm not smart enough.) I just found the lack of libraries to interface with modern systems like google apis and clunking around with the language warts to be too much of a show stopper.

At the same time, I also discovered that rust actually has most of what I liked about Haskell without all the pain that comes along with it, so I'm fully on the rust train now!

But anyways! This wasn't a post about my break-up with Haskell, it was a post about upgrading my site! Emanote was cool, but required using Nix, which I've also found to be quite aggrevating, so I've moved on to Docusaurus!

So far, its quite enjoyable and transitioning over was pretty simple. So yea, there ya go!